Sunday, February 5, 2017

February OMG

This month for my Elm Street Quilts OMG, I am aiming at getting the 3rd of the quilts made from the Windham Brights on the HandiQuilter and quilted.  It should only take a part of a morning to quilt.  Also, there is a piece of batting left from the January OMG that should work for this top and a number of scraps for creating a unique back.  There is plenty for binding, too.  It's a short month but the goal should be accomplished.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


My OMG for Elm Street Quilts has been quilted and bound.  The quilting was completed on Tuesday morning and the binding was on by Wednesday night.

Stitch and Flip Baby Quilt: OMG Quilt for January
The Stitch and Flip Quilt is a fast and easy quilt for a baby shower.  It requires only 1/2 of a Jelly Roll.  The project is worth repeating.  One could make two at a time and switch the vertical strip between the two quilts.
Shannon is thinking about what her grandmas name will be so the label will have to wait until she decides.

It feels good to have completed one of the tops in my stack.  There is one more top I made with fabrics from this line.  It may be my OMG for February and gifted to a granddaughter arriving by adoption.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Good Month for Projects

Record Snow Storm
We had an unusual snowstorm that left us with 13 inches of snow this month.  The snow caused havoc for a week and then left us quickly when our temperatures returned to normal.  Besides shoveling our driveway, I have some projects to show since Christmas and for being snowbound.
Decorative Napkins for the Kitchen Table
 I love the method for the napkins.  It works so slick!
Three Reversible Table Runners
This quickie table runner makes a great gift and is so easy.  I have more details on another blog entry:  WOF Table Runners  Sometimes I vary the strips a bit depending on the fabric available.  I had a kit for one 10 Minute Table Runner that I was making the most of by supplementing with some coordinating fabrics.  The kit fabrics were the orange and lime green Riley Blake fabrics and the additions were the black and the backing fabrics.

Two Aprons for Gifting

Much Needed Slippers for Me
 The free pattern for the slippers is a keeper.  I like the garter stitch sole.  It feels cushy.
Napkins & Mug Rugs or Candle Mats

Gift Apron
The pattern for the apron is in a booklet.  I collect apron patterns but this is my number one favorite.  The half apron version of the one above has been well liked among fans of that style, too.

Progressing Towards a Goal

Yesterday, I made good use of time before we did my mom's shopping and quilted my OMG project.  Now to get the binding ready along with putting the badges on my husband's new uniform.  It would be nice if the quilt were ready for tomorrow so my friend can see it and decide what she wants on the label.  She is a new grandma and I will probably use her grandma name in the sentiment.

Monday, January 2, 2017

One Monthly Goal

Elm Street Quilts is sponsoring a goal setting contest.  I am entering just to get my stack of quilt tops off the table, quilted, bound, and labelled so they can be gifted.  Last year only 2 tops made the finished list.  I was glad to have them leave but more should have disappeared with them.

Here is the quilt top that needs to be done first.  It was one of three from pre-cuts from the same colorway I made in 2015.  This one is going to my friend Shannon.  It's her rockin' grandbaby quilt.

My "One Monthly Goal" Quilt
I have two more aprons on the list for this month before the quilt is loaded on my machine for quilting.  The 2 aprons will join another completed in the last three days with two matching napkins and mug mats.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Snowflakes and Swirls
A finish!  Yes, just the quilting but it is remarkable because I challenged myself to learn a new quilting design.  Running a longarm doesn't come naturally to me and I don't have much experience in the art of free-motion quilting or embroidery on a standard sewing machine.  I have taken a class and tried a few projects but they just didn't turn out to my satisfaction so each new pattern I learn to quilt on the HandiQuilter 16 takes a few hours of practice on a white board with a pen and eraser in hand.

With this new pattern I am confident to try it on a quilt that is a must finish for Christmas project.  Since my DH is on duty for Thanksgiving, it will be my project for the day instead of dinner since our family members have commitments elsewhere.
Snowflake Baby Quilt Top

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Main(e) Attraction

Portland Head Light in Maine
We don't travel much.  DH does his mountain climbing and I prefer to stay close to home, making an occasional trip to visit family and friends.  I often comment that my summer vacation is 4-H quilt camp.

A couple years ago my East coast cousins started a girl cousins' reunion on Columbus Day weekend.  I had not seen any of my cousins for 56 years including the other West coast transplant.  Only two of us live outside of New England and we just happened to be in the same state of the great PNW so it is an easy trip the others to get together.  When I mentioned the possibility of the first reunion becoming a yearly affair, my niece made me promise we would go sometime.  Last year was the worst possible timing but this year looked possible so I bought airline tickets and 4 of us went; myself, my husband, our daughter and our niece.  It was an epic trip and it took a huge amount of planing to plot our whirlwind tour of four New England states, making sure everyone had some stops of interest.

After landing in Boston, I had the driving notion we had to make it as far as Portland, ME.  After all, my memories of New England only went as far as Hampton Beach, NH, and it seemed that 4 people flying out of PDX just had to say they had crossed the nation from Portland to Portland.  Little did I know that my Uncle Sonny always brought me a bucket of sand from Maine when we were living in New Hampshire.  My dear Aunt Pearl gave me a picture of him collecting the sand.

We were pleased to have fantastic weather as we went up the coast out of Boston.  I wanted to spend more time on the beach but our schedule was tight.
Hampton Beach, NH

Of course no trip is complete without a few stops for memorabilia.  LL Bean in Freeport, ME, makes for great shopping and a few pictures, too.

On our way back into New Hampshire, a quilter and knitter just has to stop at Keepsake Quilting and Patterworks in Center Harbor, NH.  The location on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee is scenic and historic if the fabric and yarn doesn't do it for you.  Too bad our visit was on an overcast day.

As we made our our way across New England and back, all our accommodations were with Airbnb hosts.  This was a new experience but one worth repeating.  All of our overnight stays were great but some were memorable because the hosts had a special touch.  Rich and Ina's was one that has a beautiful and unique setting in a once goat barn in rural Vermont.

Note Ins's little sign to the left of the door.
Now did I say there was a main attraction, not just Maine?  Well, after our night in rural Vermont, we made it to Winchester, NH, where mom and dad intended to settle down and raise our family.  That didn't pan out but my fond and vivid memories of my aunts and uncles and their children start in the small towns of Ashuelot and Winchester, NH.  My cousin Marcia and her husband Jim still live next door to the house she grew up in on the hill just above our old house.  Marcia was our hostess for a memorable and wonderful reunion.

Tasha with Cousin Sheri
Me with Aunt Pearl (Sheri's mother)
Amy with Cousin Maralyn

The day of the reunion was rainy but the next morning was a perfect fall day in New England.  We had beautiful blue skies for our pictures in Winchester and Ashuelot.
The first home my parents owned in Ashuelot, NH
Grampa and Gramma's house on Broad Brook Rd.

Ashuelot's covered bridge

When I lived in Winchester, the Protestants had two buildings and we alternated between the brick church and the white church, depending on the season 

My love affair with turrets began with the one on Conant Library
Five Ryll brothers went off to WWII and all returned
Our house, a little less majestic without the wrap-around porch
The field once Dad's large garden
Our family doctor lived 3 houses down on Richmond, he delivered my brother, Tim (Amy's dad), at home
After our Monday morning photo session in Ashuelot and Winchester, we went on to Harrisville, once a thriving woolen mill community set among lakes and trees with more opportunities for great photos of historic landmarks in rural New Hampshire.
Lake from the Harrisville Cemetery
Harrisville General Store
Harrisville Mill #1
Tuesday took us to Amherst, MA, and tours of the Yiddish Book Center and the Eric Carle Museum and a great lunch at the Atkins Farms Country Market. 

The Yiddish Book Center resembles a shetl in pre-WWI Eastern Europe 

We finished up our week with a stop at the flagship Yankee Candle store then on to Boston to leave Tasha at the Hi Boston Hostel and a quick Thai lunch downtown.  After dodging in and out of city traffic we left our car in Chelsea and made back to Logan for another night flight across the country.  

Our epic trip came to an end all too soon.